UltraModern User Interface for NSIS
The UltraModern User Interface is an new interface with a style like the most recent installers for UltraModernUI and NSIS are released under an open source license.

The UltraModern interface also features new pages (Confirm, Abort, MessageBox). The interface and the graphics can be customized using the provided settings and the new skins system.

Using the UltraModern UI macros and language files, writing scripts with a ultra modern interface is easy. The documentation contains information about writing UltraModernUI scripts and a reference of all settings.

The issue of UltraModernUI was to be the most compatible with the existing Modern UI scripts. Because of it is based on the Modern UI of Joost Verburg, it use the same macro an define and provide new one. The new macro and define use the prefix UMUI_ instead of MUI_.

Last news:

SkinnedButton plugin for NSIS 1.1 released

Released August 15th, 2005

SkinnedButton plugin for NSIS 1.1 is released. This is the second public release.
This plugin for NSIS is based on the wansis plug-in of Saivert and can skin all buttons of your installer.
It was developed with an aim of integrate it in UltraModernUI. This release consist of the correction of little bugs.

This plugin has two knew bugs:
  • During the installation, the button "Show Detail" is unskinned.
  • When the plug-in is used, if you used this code line:
        SendMessage $HWNDPARENT "0x408" "-1" ""
    to automatically return to the previous page, the installer will crash.
The next release will consist of:
  • Support of the transparency for the buttons

UltraModernUI 1.00b1 released

Released March 20th, 2005

UltraModernUI 1.00 beta 1 is released. This is the first public beta release.
I based myself directly on the system.nsh of Modern UI because I think that it's easier to modify this file rather than to reinvent the wheel.
By default, the Style XP was deactivate because it put the text of the CHECKBOX and RADIOBUTTON in black and the text of the GROUPBOX in blue but you can reactivate it by using the XPStyle instruction.
Several skins are available in several color (blue , green, red, purple, brown, gray, cleargreen) and a background skin named wxp. You can obviously create your own skins.
The Header Image defines are disables momentarily.
New pages are available: Abort Page and Confirm page with recapitulation of your setting.
For the new pages, there are new language file others strings. Currently, only English and French are available, Others are Empty. If you know other language, help me fill it and email me it.
If you found bugs, mistakes or if you have suggestions, email-me again.
If you want to use StartMenu Page, it's recommend to use the last release of NSIS (2.06) that was just released. Else, The StartMenu controls will appear without the good background color and text color.
The next release will consist of:
  • New Maintenance Page with Modify, Repair and Remove options
  • New Setup Type Page with Complete and Custom options
  • New Readme Page
  • New Additional Task Page
  • Improve an automatic SetTime Function